Ran up to Loveland to pick up the first juice buckets that came in. I thought I’d take the camera and hand these folks back some images since I knew their hands would be too sticky to take some of their own pics.

There was over a case of various homemade wines that everyone brought in and by noon, I already had a buzz on. The knowledge gleaned just by listening to all the conversation was worth more than most classes. I learned a ton just by overhearing talk about acid, pH and starting gravity. It does matter depending on the grape varietal, and the wine style you wish to achieve. While everyone has their own beliefs, I think hearing them all and soaking them in is invaluable.

A dedicated group, they got the work done. I think the pics will show you there was some “BIG CRUSH” going on and I was happy to be a part of it.

I’m going back over for the Petite Sirah shipment. I’m happy to report I secured 300lbs, so by winter, I’ll be back over 100 gallons of wine in various stages. I really need to get some bottling done. Anyway, all for now and Caio!