When you get a voicemail that sounds like this, what else can you do but post it for everyone else’s enjoyment.

This is my man Felix, a VERY incredible Nigerian sculptor. About 6 or 7 years ago, I was introduced to Felix by another entrepreneurial client who was always looking for ways to invest his money. He most enjoyed investing his money in people that he believed in and especially the creative types. Felix is one of those types. And he brought Felix to us to make him a web site that showcased his work.

We ended up going over to his house and shooting a bunch of his life-sized pieces of sheer BRILLIANCE to build him the web site. We also got to shoot a bunch of pics of him in action with his wood chisels and blocks of wood that quickly became something of a miracle in front of our eyes. This article made it into my ‘homesteading’ area because Felix makes his living, by hand. I stand inspired to say the least.

Felix has sold his work to the likes of Bill Cosby, David Hasselhoff and many others. I was so in love with Felix’s work. I remember wanting to work out a barter to maybe trade a sculpture for the web site. But alas, since his work was bumping six figures, it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen.

The point of this post? Nothing more than to introduce you to my man, Felix whom I loved working with and still admire. He still puts on the occasional exhibition and updates his site for the next one. Visit his site to see some of the most fantastic wood sculpture you will ever witness and tell him Jason Morgan sent ya!