Why I’m a Capitalist Pig

No false advertisement here… I’m afraid I fit this bill. I just kind of fell into it really. In the last year, I’ve been able to catch up with a lot of old friends. You and I may have had a chance to sit down for some casual chatter. In some of this chatter, did you […] Read More

Good character, motivation and desire make ideal employee

I co-founded Innersync Studio in 1998 with the desire to build a better web site. We recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary and over these last 10 years, I realized we have evolved into a very different company than the one we started. Whether it is the nature of our business, or the economic down-turns we have […] Read More

A comparison between money and stars

There’s already been so many comparisons and attempts to put our federal spending into perspective that I found no harm in contributing one more. The point here was not necessarily to complain about our spending… but to illustrate a very interesting point. I was recently looking through some amazing pictures taken by the Hubble, Hubble’s Greatest Hits […] Read More

My man, Felix Eboigbe

When you get a voicemail that sounds like this, what else can you do but post it for everyone else’s enjoyment. This is my man Felix, a VERY incredible Nigerian sculptor. About 6 or 7 years ago, I was introduced to Felix by another entrepreneurial client who was always looking for ways to invest his money. He […] Read More

The state must love me… for Jury Duty

Jury duty… our civic duty. Something that each of us are supposed to do at least one time in our life. Maybe you’ve been called for it, maybe you’ve done it… maybe you’ve done it more than once? Well, I’m only 36 and I’ve been called four times now. It’s getting old being a whiner. […] Read More