On Presidents Day weekend, about 12 of us headed to the Red River Gorge for some ‘cold camping.’ Planned, well in advance, everyone expected to be camping in the snow. But on the weekend of Feb. 19, our cold spell broke and we were given a sunny weekend for some awesome fun and awesome sights.

Some of us, including myself were a little disappointed we weren’t able to do it in the snow, but after the time we had, and a few photos later, we’re pretty sure we got our first glimpse of Spring. We had a great group of people ready for some trails, some camping and some good forest food.

On Friday, everyone met at the cabin to plan, talk some smack, eat and drink. After a good nights’ rest, we packed up Saturday morning and headed for Cloud Splitter.

We’re pretty sure if it had snowed, we may not have been able to hike on some of the trails we did, nor camp in the place we chose. Camp was made at about 100-200 feet from the peak of cloud splitter. There, we had the last rays of sun on Saturday and the first rays in the morning on Sunday.

Cloud splitter features a pretty laborious climbs and some serious shimmying to get through a narrow crack and out to the overlook. But once you’re looking out the face of Cloud Splitter over the whole valley, you know it was worth the effort. Always important to get away and do some cold camping if just for a chance to test out our survival skills.