Made a trip to Vegas to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I’m not a gambler. I live 5 miles from a casino and I’ve stepped foot in it maybe 2 times in 12 years. Took me 10 years to visit it since I moved here. But my friend is a good one. He asked me over a year in advance. What can you say? It was the mans dream to get all his best friends together and hit Vegas. Also, it’s hard to refuse a trip where the friend wants to take care of everything. He says… “man, all you gotta do is get here, I’ll take care of the rest.” It makes it an easier decision… and for me… hard to let him down. What the hell… I’ve never been, let’s check it out.

They picked me up at the airport. It wasn’t some dirty freak fling. My friend really likes Vegas… probably been to it 10 times in 10 years. The lights and the action really are something to see. Each casino tries to out-do the next. The strip features million, even billion dollar attractions. To be entertained, all you have to do is walk it. One day, we checked out Hoover Damn… the next, we hiked Red Rock Canyon. Of course, we got in a spurt of gambling… but mainly, I followed them around… and when they planted at a table or machine, I wandered around seeing what there was to see. There’s a lot to see in Vegas.

Just walking the strip is an experience. The “clickers” or “tappers” on the corners… all eager to hand you a referral card to a strip club.. and get you a free ride too. Need some drugs? No prob… There’s an offer at every turn. Sex? It’s all in the bag. If you’re not interested, no prob… there’s a lot of other takers in Vegas. That’s about it. Oh and there are a lot of lights. Electricity is apparently in surplus in Vegas.

Really fun in Vegas. Not a place to live, nor raise a family as far as I’m concerned, but certainly an experience to be had. For me, the best part of Vegas is everything beyond the city limits. If you visit… get out there!