For us, spring is a busy time of the year, not just with all the work and school stuff going on, but the needs of the garden, grapes and other horticultural rituals we love to do. There is grape pruning, garden tilling, seed planting and bringing out the banana plants. I have a habit of propagating anything I prune off my grapevines and jade plants even if it is to hand out to friends. I’m not yet sure of the significance to me of why I do it, but maybe it’s just a friendship thing… from our house to yours. If that grapevine takes off and becomes something significant, someone might say, “we got that from the Morgan ranch back in the spring of ’09.”

Hannah did her school play “Jack and the Beanstalk” and we’ve already been down to Louisville the weekend of the Kentucky Derby to make derby pie with Andy and Debbie… who by the way, made it up the very next weekend to do the canoe and camp trip.

From the wildlife, flora and fauna in our back yard… to the images of all things renewed, Spring just rocks.