Last night, it was cold outside… The night called for red wine… and something savory to go with it. Indian curry sounded appropriate, coconut chicken biryani in fact… with a side of garlic naan.

I broke out the Indian cookbook and found a recipe. Now, I rarely follow recipes to the letter… I usually use them as ingredient lists. There’s many variations to Indian chicken recipes so I’ll spare you my specific details and let you google your favorite Indian recipe.

Now, a quick naan recipe. I found and adapted the naan recipe from Wayward Spark. Really, this is a great naan recipe requiring simple ingredients. I substituted the white four for wheat flour. I made this naan recipe just last night using a mixture of chickpea flour, almond meal, and wheat flour. It turned out fine… but I learned that you should cook the naan right after rising… and don’t try to hold it over to cook later. They made good dog biscuits. Fresh is best.

Tonight, I’m doing with all wheat flour… ground locally at Carriage House Farm. See the pics for more details.

Everything was quite satisfactory… and I didn’t even need to rush to the store to stock up before the snow ๐Ÿ™‚