Michigan City 2010

Our forth trip to Michigan City fully documented here for our family. The weather and water have been the warmest yet. The highs have stayed in the mid-upper 80’s with just the right mix of sun and clouds.  The cottage is showing wear as other guest at the house hasn’t been treating it with total […] Read More

Saturday visit to Jim and Cindy’s Apiary

So, Friday evening around 6:30 or so, as I was cooking a fine Indian dish to take over to Rabbit Hash, I get a call from beekeeping friend Jim. He told me him and Cindy were going to go through the hives on Sat. wanted to know if I was interested in helping. Of course. It was […] Read More

16 miles down Laughry Creek for my birthday

Got a lot of great shots on my birthday day trip starting with the early morning drive over to Darian’s. The morning sunrise lit the sky in a dramatic display that I could best describe as beautiful pollution 🙂 We put into Laughry and did 16 awesome miles of some rapid moving water. I think it […] Read More

1st Annual Apple Smash yields 47 gallons of cider

The word for this weekend is most certainly “extraction” – that is, getting the juice from what mother nature has given us. Gently pressing, or violently smashing, it’s all good. On Saturday, I helped the Specters press their grapes in Dave’s refurbished grape press. On Sunday, we did our “1st Annual Apple Smash” using the […] Read More

Company and Friends Pig and Paddle 2009

There was no shortage of people, happiness and fun on Sat. September 19 at the Brookville Canoe Livery. Brookville played host to our company pig roast, family, friends, and even the Boy Scouts. From homemade BBQ sauce, coleslaw and two styles of pig, to tons of desserts and other food, there was no shortage of appetite. We […] Read More

Fred and Anna Banks Recption

Our friends Fred and Anna Banks had an awesome reception in St. Leon on a hot and sultry Sat. night. Plenty of food, friends, family and fun were abound while the Mt. Pleasant String Band performed into the evening. There may be a hole in the yard under the tent. I think there may well have […] Read More

Nick’s Birthday Canoe Trip

We took a trip down the Whitewater River via Morgans in Brookville for Nick’s 5th birthday. The weather was beautiful and we saw a bunch of wildlife including many turtles and a beaver as big as a pig. The river was busy as many other enthusiasts seized the day. Afterwards, we headed over to uncle […] Read More

July 2009 update and Michigan City

July was busy month… both for business, and personally. I’m glad I got to slip back up to Michigan City with the family. It’s such a practical place for us and those who know me, know I am *Mr. Practical*. Serious, I still maintain that the Great Lakes offer just as much beach as any coast. […] Read More

Images of Spring 2009

For us, spring is a busy time of the year, not just with all the work and school stuff going on, but the needs of the garden, grapes and other horticultural rituals we love to do. There is grape pruning, garden tilling, seed planting and bringing out the banana plants. I have a habit of propagating […] Read More