Venison Neck Ham or Pepper Loaf

I tried a new variation on the neck roast from a deer I took this year. I always make it a point to harvest the neck roast from any deer I take and I take the time to get all of it and keep it as the biggest piece I can. If it comes out […] Read More

Deer Heart Pastrami

Finally. I’ve been wanting to try a deer heart pastrami for a while now. I got it done… and did the final hot smoke and steaming today. The recipe was taken from Michael Pendley’s venison pastrami recipe on I mainly went with his ingredients and followed his procedure, but used two deer hearts and […] Read More

Dehydrating garlic for minced and powder

I grow a lot of garlic and usually have a good surplus. Sometimes however, there’s so much I can’t use it all before the bulbs begin to dry and shrink. This year, I peeled all my garlic, and sliced each clove in half in prep to dehydrate it. Slicing in half allows it to dry […] Read More

Quest for the best Goetta

This is an ongoing post… You can find the recipe below, but the recipe is not where good goetta is at. It’s the process employed to make it. Read on to learn more. It took growing up to realize that growing up in Cincinnati was cool. As a boy, I didn’t know or appreciate its history or wonder. […] Read More

Make Homemade Worcestershire Sauce

Sauces are magical. I’ve been making hot sauces for years. I started making my own mayonaise since I got chickens. Mustard and horseradish are both on my list as well. More recently, I was fascinated, and inspired by a couple others who made Worcestershire Sauce. Tim Artz over at Tim’s Food Obsession was the tipping point. When […] Read More

Traditional English Pork Pie

While going through the freezer the other night making space for hunting season, I collected a number of pig trotters that were begging to have something done with them. I decided on pork pie. The trotters would be cleaned and boiled to make an aspic for the jelly. I depended on a mash of recipes […] Read More

Coconut Chicken Biryani and Garlic Naan

Last night, it was cold outside… The night called for red wine… and something savory to go with it. Indian curry sounded appropriate, coconut chicken biryani in fact… with a side of garlic naan. I broke out the Indian cookbook and found a recipe. Now, I rarely follow recipes to the letter… I usually use […] Read More

Make meunster cheese

I made my first two wheels of muenster cheese last week. There are many recipes out there. I used the one in the Ricki Carrolls Cheesemaking book. This particular cheese, like brie and camembert, doesn’t require you to press the cheese curds, but to simply ladle them into a mould and let the whey express […] Read More

Make brie and camembert cheese moulds

I’ve gotten to the point in cheesemaking where I needed to buy some specialized cheese moulds. Particularly, to make cheeses in the style of brie, camembert and muenster. They have these cool band-link wood moulds in small, medium and large sizes, starting at $70 and going well over $100. I knew right away it would […] Read More

Rabbit sausage with morel mushrooms

Rabbit and morel sausage… one of my seasonal favorites. Seasonal because you must have fresh morels, and non-freezer-burnt rabbit. Deboning a rabbit is some pretty tedious work too. Whether you are harvesting your own rabbits, or buying them from a breeder, have that rabbit ready for when the morels pop! This has to be hands […] Read More