Just a quick note on the spring cuttings. I took cuttings from my own grape vines and had a 100% success rate. By that, I mean… all of them took root and sprung leafs. Heck, most spit out clusters of grapes that I quickly snapped off.

The process

  1.  I pruned my grape vines as I usually do. From those, I took at least 30 cuttings from each. I took thicknesses from anywhere between a No. 2 pencil and 3/8″ and old wood of course.
  2. Trim the cuttings to 3-4 buds per cutting, with one bud cut exactly in half at the bottom. It seems the roots callous and spring out like mad from here.
  3. Soak the cuttings in water for an hour or so
  4. Pull each cutting from the water and dip into a basic rooting hormone and then right into a good starter soil about 2″ deep on the bottom of those Rubber Maid plastic garbage cans with a lid. Mine had the translucent white sides that allowed plenty of sun in. I don’t snap the lid on tight, I just sit it on top.
  5. Sprinkle a little water in. This creates a terrarium effect. It’s important not to over-water… just keep the soil moist.
  6. Check them every day because while you are watching the leaves sprout, you also want to watch for mold that can happen in such a closed container.
  7. After the shoots are 1-2″ long, bump or shake the entire container to knock the soil loose and then gently pull them out and plant each in its own pot.

See the pics of the good healthy roots.

Top the new pots up with soil and water them… then stick in a partial sun/shade area and let them get stronger. Questions? Just let me know and have fun!