I finally located the Vidal Blanc vines that I have been wanting. I found a pretty reputable place in NY, called Double A Vinyards. They grow pretty much every varietal you can think of. It’s important that you get quality, disease-free vines. Handling is important. The grape-growing/wine-making forum I belong to highly endorses this place with the bulk of its members ordering from here.

While I was at it, I couldn’t resist the urge to snag a few Swenson White vines. These vines will come in the Spring of 2007. Many varieties are already sold out. Gotta get ’em early.

These new vines will be added to my first-year Mars, Concord and Niagra vines… truly making the backyard, my backyard vineyard 🙂

In addition to the grape vines, I have two Mont Morency cherry trees, one Bing cherry with an additional Bing being added in the spring (for cross-polination) and 1 or 2 North Star trees.

I have made my first batch of Blackberry wine from my brambles also in the back. The goal is to have the backyard supplying I’ll the wine fodder I’ll ever need within 5-6 years. Caio till next time.