I have searched and searched and haven’t been able to trace back the Kopstein family past Frank James Kopstein, born Feb 1843 in Bohemia Czechoslovakia, and Catherine Mary Klapkova, born about 1853 in Bohemia Czechoslovakia.

My great grandfather was James Steven Capal (Kopstein). He was the son of Frank and Mary Kopstein. He is a very interesting person to research. Just when I think I am finished researching him, I discover something new from his past. He was first married to Emily Valenta in Cook County, Chicago and had two boys, James and Steven. He then moved to Cincinnati, then to Campbell County Kentucky where he married my great grandmother Anna Schmidt. James and Anna had 6 boys, Frank, Raymond, Robert, Daniel, Melvin, and James. I have to say I have enjoyed learning about him and getting to know my aunt Evelyn in the process. My grandma Capal started out helping me, and she passed way in 2003. Evelyn filled in her spot.

If you want to know more information about my search, respond below.