On Sunday, we’ll celebrate Hannah’s birthday a little early before we go on vacation. Strawberry ice cream was our test run Friday night. We’ll do it again on Sunday with all the other kids and chocolate and butter pecan is on the agenda.

We used this same ice cream maker when I was a kid. Yeah you have to hand crank it, but that’s the point. The kids tend to tire out a little early, but when I take over to finish it off, I think back when my dad did this same thing with us. Our electric maker just collects dust. They make things so shitty now days. Plastic and thin metal for the canister. This ice cream maker has a solid, heavy metal canister with a lid. The point is so the ice and slat can cool it so cold, that the ice cream actually sets up. It gets harder to crank and you know, it’s almost time. We added in the fresh-cut strawberries and cranked it some more.

Finally, on a sultry, sweaty hot night, the whole family about busted in to song as each of us felt the essence of summer.

Thinkin’ this thing is going to come out a lot this year!