I was thinking about life a moment ago and of all the things I love to do in this world. Things like, kiss my wife, chalk up the sidewalk with the kids, make music, sniff a bottle of un-corked vino, plant a garden and watch friends prosper. I was thinking about Sept. 11, 5 years ago… and then, all the things in life I take for granted. For a moment, things went quiet and dim.

Shit, life is fast today. You can miss a lot in just a wink. There’s so much to think about now days that it’s easy to forget most of it.

Today, I’m only urging everyone to do nothing, but contemplate what it means to you to do what you really love to do and to give gratitude to those who make it possible. There’s so much I have to forget today, but NOT the people who mean everything to me… and NOT the people in this world who give what they give… to ultimately enable me to forget about life for a while.