John Frederick Dornette was born April 12, 1845 in Hanover, Germany and died February 24, 1923 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He married and Barbara Anna Scherzer.

Barbara Anna Scherzer was born February 24, 1850 in Bavaria, Germany and died August 28, 1927 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her parents were Leonard Scherzer and Ursula Frielein.

Together they raised 13 children. Their children were: Matilda, Lydia Marie, Mayme, Marth, Otto, Paul, Ada, Hilda, Amelia, Edward, Caroline, Mary, and William.

According to the 1880 census, John Frederick Dornette was a cabinet maker, and his family lived on Charlotte St. in Cincinnati., Ohio. The family lived next to Henry Dornette’s family (cabinet makers also), and Leonard Scherzer’s family (cabinet makers also).

In the 1890-91 Cincinnati, Ohio directory John Frederick Dornette’s business was located at the northeast Corner of Fairmount Avenue and Lucky Avenue. The business name was J. D. & Bro. They are known for their Dornette roll tops desks.

In 1900, his family, which included 10 children, lived on Fairmont Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio.