Florence is the daughter of Henry H Holzhause and Alma A. Bunselmeier. She was born on February 23, 1909 in Napoleon, Indiana and died on December 31, 1992 in Hamilton County, Ohio. 

Florence’s sisters are: Hazel, Leora Marie, Naome Alma, Cora Pauline, Geneva, and Ruth. Hazel married a Mr. Schalk. Leora Marie married Clifford J. Rolfs. Naome married Harold A. Schalk. Cora Pauline married Mr. True. Geneva married Donald E. Cheesman. Ruth married Mr. Brunton. 

Florence’s brothers are: Ezra John Frederick, Bobby Gene, and Frederick. Ezra John Frederick married Edith Bommer. Frederick married Lois.

Jason’s fondest memories of Florence:

Jason and his friends would ride their bikes from Cheviot to Florence’s home on Shepard Road. They would maintain the swimming pool and stay over night in the cabin in the lower woods. There was always lots of grass to cut, flower gardens to manage and chores to do. When the work was done, Florence would always come out with a huge stainless bucket of iced tea or lemonade and ham sandwiches with lots of Helmann’s mayonnaise. Jason remembers watching Florence use a tablespoon to dispense the mayonnaise. Jason and his friends went to Florences’s almost every weekend to work, play and stay in the cabin and make campfires by the creek up until her death December 31st 1992. He also remembers staying the night with Florence many times as a child.  


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