Pictures for August 2006

An album of pics through August has been put up. August was a hard month. June Morgan (Jason’s aunt) died on August 10th. A big surprise. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer and died 17 days later. She was a very accomplished woman, wife of Bob Morgan and Morgan’s Canoe Liveries, and touched the lives […] Read More

July 2006 Camping at Morgan’s Canoe

Another great trip was had by all. It was good to be with friends and family on this not-so-easy-to-assemble trip. Greg allowed us to take the canoes out and we just headed up river to some sandy banks. The dogs were in heaven. It was a bright sunny weekend in Brookville and we had the […] Read More

Searching for the Kopstein family from Bohemia

I have searched and searched and haven’t been able to trace back the Kopstein family past Frank James Kopstein, born Feb 1843 in Bohemia Czechoslovakia, and Catherine Mary Klapkova, born about 1853 in Bohemia Czechoslovakia. My great grandfather was James Steven Capal (Kopstein). He was the son of Frank and Mary Kopstein. He is a […] Read More

Gatlinburg, TN 2006

Nothing complex. This year, we wanted to do a vacation that was different from the rest… you know, one of those vacations where upon return, it’s not like you slump down on the couch and say "Scccchhheeewwww… it feels good to be home!" Well, don’t get me wrong… we have kids… and it feels good […] Read More

The Spring plantings are complete

Everyone heard me blathering about planting grapevines this spring. Well, the promise is delivered. I have three hybrids: Mars Seedless, Concord Seedless and Catawba. In addition, I planted two more Sweet Cherry trees (North Star and Bing) to add to the two Mont Morency Sour Cherry trees that will bear fruit this year. What’s more […] Read More

“Sweetie” launches website

To showcase odd videos, pics and music, Sweetie thought it may be cool to assemble a site to put it all together. Watch out, it’s really unpolished and strange. Thanks to Brian Faust for the rippin’ logo. He threw this together for Scott a while back. The reason for the site was that we seemed […] Read More

More progress on the wine cellar

Yet another weekend of workin’ the wine cellar. It’s getting down to the exciting, yet frightening part. Frightening in that one wrong cut and I can screw a lot of things up. The latest pics show the plank paneling about done. There’s still a little more to put up. You will notice I have the […] Read More

Happy Mother’s Day!

In the spirit if all mother’s in my life, I have planted a clematis in the back yard. To me, it represents longevity, renewal and beauty. Just something to remind me that without my mother, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am confident that my loving wife and mother of my children will […] Read More

Another hit on the wine celler

Over the weekend and a half day on Friday, the wine celler took a big step. Oh if I only had another 1-2 days on it. After extensive preparation and re-preparation within the walls, I got the 1/4" ply walls up and all the tonge and groove cedar planks installed. I set the racks in […] Read More

The Park City, Utah 2006 pics

My nose is burnt, my board is on fire and my body is exhausted. This Utah trip was just WAY TOO GREAT. I’m not worthy. There is nothing like sushi, saki, hot-tubbin’ and shreding up some of the finest snow in North America. I’m back folks and I’m tired and ready to do it all […] Read More