Tyson Hermes and Regina Faulkner led the discussion and demonstration at the October 2013 SIBA meeting. Two members having different processes of their own. You decide what works for you.The video was edited for brevity and to also put the topics into better order from start to finish since we jumped around during the meeting. Regina and Tyson alternated  throughout the various topics covered.

You can use the info below to skip to your preferred area of the video. If you watch the video on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k0HI9ac93I then you can actually click the times/links I list to jump to that part of the video. Thanks Tyson and Regina, and I hope everyone enjoys.

Start: Cleaning and preparing the wax
3:05 Setting up and safety tips
4:02 Preparing the wicks
8:20 Melting the wax
10:10 Holding the wicks and pouring wax
18:26 Using candle molds
24:11 Other styles of candles
28:51 Burning, dyes and final thoughts
31:28 Clean-up