Making elderberry wine in the cellar.

Everything ultimately comes up wine around here. And wine… is good for the cellar. If I can ferment it, I'll try to. I started making wine in 2001 when my dad had a stroke. As part of his rehabilitation, he and I spent a great deal of time together. It was the passing of the torch if you will. I learned everything he had to share and found myself taking it a notch further. My dad never liked to use the sulfites or fining agents. Anyone who knows anything about winemaking knows you can’t avoid them if you want to make a wine that everyone likes and more importantly, a wine that can develop into something special over time vs. turning into 'cellar schwag.' Here's where I keep track of the efforts and I hope to share knowledge, start conversations... and maybe inspire. Talk back here, or on the Morgan Ranch Facebook group page.