Steamed Dumplings ‘Gyoza’

I love those little Eastern steamed dumplings. What are they? Wontons? Pot-stickers? Gyoza? I’ve heard them called many things, but to me their tasty little things that I need to have now and then. I’ve made them a few times before using a recipe out of one of my Korean cookbooks, but this time around, […] Read More

Chicken Mole Poblano ‘Pollo en mole’

A friend on the east coast sent me a jar of mole poblano that he made, along with a few suggestions for my post. Before you think mole = rodent, pronounce “Mole” as “moe-lay” The national dish of Mexico is ‘Pollo en mole’ pronounced, POY-yo en MOE-lay Thanks for the suggestion that might keep people […] Read More

Make low-acidity coffee yourself

I love me some coffee. Trust me, my day job is working at a computer. It’s been just over 15 years or more working at a computer and drinking lots of coffee. I’ve went through the phases most coffee drinkers do… thinking “man this coffee is tearing me up.” Is it the caffeine, or the […] Read More

Make Chili Tepin Hot Sauce

I grow lots of tepin chili peppers. They give me a huge bounty! I dehydrate them, cook with them, and make hot sauce. There’s always plenty left to dry and grind up into a powder. Tepin’s are my favorite… and quite interesting too. Here are a few things I learned about them. Tepin peppers are […] Read More

Making sausage at home

Sausage… they say everyone loves it, until they see how it’s made. When I saw how it was made commercially, I cringed. There’s a lot going on in commercial sausage-making and in the end, it’s jacked with a lot of things we can’t pronounce. Things that are probably worse than the original meat and fat […] Read More

Make Creamed Honey at Home

What is creamed honey? Often called spun honey, or whipped honey (there really shouldn’t be any air in your creamed honey,) all seem to be interchangeable terms to describe the same thing. It’s creamy texture makes it more versatile to use since it can be used like a spread. If you spread it on a […] Read More

1st Annual Apple Smash yields 47 gallons of cider

The word for this weekend is most certainly “extraction” – that is, getting the juice from what mother nature has given us. Gently pressing, or violently smashing, it’s all good. On Saturday, I helped the Specters press their grapes in Dave’s refurbished grape press. On Sunday, we did our “1st Annual Apple Smash” using the […] Read More

10 Bottles Of Wine You Can’t Afford To Uncork

No liquid beyond water is more storied than wine. It’s the subject of literature and art, legend and myth.  Good batches are part science: climate, grape genetics, yeast growth, water impurities and otherwise. The best wines are an almost indefinable art, an essence, feeling or quality that many try to bottle, but few ever uncork.  […] Read More

Thomas Family Winery, Madision IN.

We grabbed a group of friends and headed to Madison, Indiana to visit the Thomas Family winery and attend the “Hot” Luck dinner. It’s apparently an annual event that is free ‘o charge and all are welcome to bring a dish made in the “spicy tradition.” Everything was “hot.” There was cayenne pepper in the […] Read More