Correcting oxidized wine

I wrote this blog back in 2010 originally. For the record, I haven’t had to deal with oxidized wine since that time šŸ™‚ Recently, I’ve been asked about correcting a wine that has oxidized. So, I dug it up and revised it a bit and here it is. Hope it helps. If you are diligent […] Read More

Using Paper Chromatography to Monitor MLF in Wine

This year, IĀ grabbed 300 pounds of Petite Sirah grapes. I’ve found that these single varietal dry reds use quite a different process than fruit wines. The vineyard will wait to harvest the grape until it reaches the ideal brix for that varietal so to the winemaker the variables are a bit more controlled than that […] Read More

A story of Petite Sirah, from the truck to the carboy

I hope to make wine from my own grapes one year, but until I do, I have to buy them. I’ve been growing grapes, planting a new row and variety each year, for about 5 years now. IĀ battle with the deer, the black rot… you name it, just about everything has prevented me from bringing […] Read More

How to measure acidity in wine using an acid titration kit

The home winemaker will typically use a basic acid titration kit to measure acidity in wine because other manners can be quite expensive. While not 100% accurate, it’s close… and it’s a test whose results I do not ignore. You can rely on it especially when you have become consistent enough in the process of […] Read More

Too much alcohol in that wine!

About everyone has heard me complain that my wine has too much alcohol. I should say *HAD* because I have refer to my latest wines as my “next generation” wines. My next generation wines are made with more care, criticism, thought and intention. All of them are made with the promise of not messing with […] Read More

Wine Grape Crush and Pickup in Loveland

Ran up to Loveland to pick up the first juice buckets that came in. I thought I’d take the camera and hand these folks back some images since I knew their hands would be too sticky to take some of their own pics. There was over a case of various homemade wines that everyone brought […] Read More

Make apple wine, a beginners guide to winemaking

A lot of people ask me questions about wine making and it frustrates me that IĀ can’t give them a specific answer. The reason is because the answers are not always the same. Example, “how many apples or how much grapes does it take to make wine?” Or, “how much sugar do I add to my […] Read More

2009 Wine Cellar Pics

Here’s just a little business in the wine cellar around the end of summer. All these pics were taken by my friend, Jimmy Kinker. Since I’m never in my own pics, IĀ really dig it when he comes over and takes some pics of the goin’s on. Jim has a new-found interest in the elderberry wine… […] Read More

Pressing the Syrah Specter

A visit to Dave and Sara’s made for a great food, wine and friendship experience. It’s almost as if the fall saw us coming and gave a couple beautiful days to accomplish the tasks at hand. The pressing at the Specters was a good primer for the smash at the Kinkers. After a very organized […] Read More