Cure and dry deer heart

This post has been edited and updated with subsequent pictures and info that I have gleaned¬†over the years. — Hunting season means deer hearts are plentiful. It’s common for friends to drop off their hearts to me and tell me to do with them what I may. My original article wrote about curing what’s in […] Read More

Steamed Dumplings ‘Gyoza’

I love those little Eastern steamed dumplings. What are they? Wontons? Pot-stickers? Gyoza? I’ve heard them called many things, but to me their tasty little things that I need to have now and then. I’ve made them a few times before using a recipe out of one of my Korean cookbooks, but this time around, […] Read More

Chicken Mole Poblano ‘Pollo en mole’

A friend on the east coast sent me a jar of mole poblano that he made, along with a few suggestions for my post. Before you think mole = rodent, pronounce “Mole” as “moe-lay” The national dish of Mexico is ‘Pollo en mole’ pronounced, POY-yo en MOE-lay Thanks for the suggestion that might keep people […] Read More