Checked out Las Vegas, September 2012

Made a trip to Vegas to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I’m not a gambler. I live 5 miles from a casino and I’ve stepped foot in it maybe 2 times in 12 years. Took me 10 years to visit it since I moved here. But my friend is a good one. He asked me over […] Read More

Trip to Malibu California

Susan and I took a trip to Malibu California to attend my friend Bill’s wedding. We took it as an opportunity to get some sight-seeing in as well. I think it may have been the first time Susan was separated with the kids, ever. It didn’t take her long slip in to things once she […] Read More

Talls Stacks ’06 and Old Crow Medicine Show

I love Old Crow Medicine Show and it was even sweeter to see them in such a setting. River boats along the Ohio River… imagine that. I was thoroughly bummed about missing the Aug. show in Louisville. I was full of shame… then I found out they were playing Tall Stacks. I was originally in […] Read More