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Pruning affects cold hardiness of trees and vines

Here’s a link to a great article put out by the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. It describes how fall pruning can adversely affect trees and vines. Whether I knew it or not, I was always a suspect of pruning in the late fall. I always wait until spring and prune my vines and […] Read More

2014 outlook on fruit crops

The following is an update with concerns from the recent cold snap and how it could affect the 2014 growing season from Peter Hirst and Bruce Bordelon at the Purdue Ag. Extension. I follow Bruce extensively and have spoken to him a number of times in the past. He’s a great person to know if […] Read More

A mild winter’s impact on grapes

The following is by Bruce Bordelon from the Purdue Wine Grape team. I’ve spoken to Bruce many times in the past about pruning, spray regimens and dealing with a number of issues in the vineyard. I respect his advice when it comes to growing grapes in Indiana. Looks like we will be in for a […] Read More

Grape variety is a major factor for success in Indiana

Check out this paper just released from the Purdue Agricultural Extension by Bruce Bordelon. I consult with Bruce… and he actually responds to questions from home-boys like me. I appreciate the efforts of his team and want to echo their efforts to other growers in SE Indiana! Selecting an appropriate grape variety is a major factor for […] Read More

June 2009 Grape Update

Some varieties are doing ok… but the Catawba has been hit with black rot. I’m about to throw in the towel with these. I’ve been diligent in cleaning out the vineyard last fall… spraying early… before, at and after bud break… Did captan once…waited two weeks and been on a regimen of spraying 1-2 times […] Read More

Spring 2009 Grapevine Cuttings

Just a quick note on the spring cuttings. I took cuttings from my own grape vines and had a 100% success rate. By that, I mean… all of them took root and sprung leafs. Heck, most spit out clusters of grapes that I quickly snapped off. The process  I pruned my grape vines as I usually do. From […] Read More

New spring plantings The Corot Noir Grape – From Cornell University

I put in two more rows of grapes in the back yard vineyard this spring. I chose two varieties that I’m real excited about. Marquette, and ‘Corot noir’™ (pronounced “kor-oh nwahr”). Both of these vines are hybrid’s genetically modified to be more disease and pest resistant in SE Indiana. Isn’t that something? We can mess with our […] Read More

2008 Wine Grape update for the SE Indiana Area

By Bruce Bordelon, Ph.D. Viticulture Specialist Purdue University Production 60% of normal due to Easter freeze Early harvest prevented lady beetle damage The 2007 growing season was unusually warm and dry across much of the Midwest. The year’s most significant event was the “Easter Freeze” that hit much of the region. After record warm temperatures […] Read More

2007 Spring Wine Grape Workshop

A well-rounded, all-day workshop. We toured the facility, the vineyard, and watched Bruce Bordelon (Purdue University, Ag Dept, Small Fruit Specialist) prune several variety of vines. There was LOTS of wine tasting and trying it various glasses. It happened at Ertle Cellars in Batesville, Indiana. This cellar and winery is a brand-new, state of the […] Read More

Ice Wine: CAN$30,000 for a half-bottle

Photo above by Ralph Orlowski Man, ice wine too damned good. And so, I’m actually making a batch of it. That is, I got a kit that has the juice of Riesling grapes that were allowed to freeze on the vine, then harvested pressed. 3-gallons for US$75. It is a lot of work (with risk […] Read More