Dehydrating garlic for minced and powder

I grow a lot of garlic and usually have a good surplus. Sometimes however, there’s so much I can’t use it all before the bulbs begin to dry and shrink. This year, I peeled all my garlic, and sliced each clove in half in prep to dehydrate it. Slicing in half allows it to dry […] Read More

Quest for the best Goetta

This is an ongoing post… You can find the recipe below, but the recipe is not where good goetta is at. It’s the process employed to make it. Read on to learn more. It took growing up to realize that growing up in Cincinnati was cool. As a boy, I didn’t know or appreciate its history or wonder. […] Read More

OA and Glycerin Shop Towels for Varroa

I got together with a beekeeping mentor to make up some OA shop towels for combating varroa this season. The following is based off the research Randy Oliver is doing using OA, glycerin and water mixed up to a certain volume and absorbed into rolls of Scott Shop Towels. While this method of OA application is […] Read More

Make Homemade Worcestershire Sauce

Sauces are magical. I’ve been making hot sauces for years. I started making my own mayonaise since I got chickens. Mustard and horseradish are both on my list as well. More recently, I was fascinated, and inspired by a couple others who made Worcestershire Sauce. Tim Artz over at Tim’s Food Obsession was the tipping point. When […] Read More

Broody hen adopts 8 baby chicks

Here’s a story of adoption on the Morgan Ranch. In this quick article, I’ll describe the steps I took to introduce 8 baby chicks to a broody hen. My Buff Orpington’s have been the broodiest hens ever since I dispatched Mr. Rooster. I honestly can’t be for sure that it’s been the same hen… but it’s […] Read More

Evolving the maple syrup operation

My first trials into maple sugaring started started in 2014. So start there if you want to see the first version of the maple arch. Sugaring was something I always wanted to do since watching my dad do it as a boy. I made it happen last year by grabbing some spiles and buckets over the […] Read More

Bee Hive Christmas Ornaments

2016 Beehive Christmas Ornaments are ready to ship Christmas Ornaments for 2016 $8 (does not include shipping) As of 12-9-16: We are sold out of all ornaments. Thank you for your support. If you are really really interested in buying one, contact me at jason at allmorgan dot com. We’ll be making more in prep […] Read More

Traditional English Pork Pie

While going through the freezer the other night making space for hunting season, I collected a number of pig trotters that were begging to have something done with them. I decided on pork pie. The trotters would be cleaned and boiled to make an aspic for the jelly. I depended on a mash of recipes […] Read More

Setting up an Observation Hive

I’ve been wanting to set up a very portable observation hive for a few years. To date, I have borrowed them from fellow beekeepers to do bee education presentations for various groups. Since I didn’t want to wear out my welcome with the generous people who have loaned them to me, I finally have one ready […] Read More

Build your own tub-style chicken plucker

This post is not really how to build your own plucker at home… there are plans for that out there everywhere. Just google “whiz-bang chicken plucker” and you’ll find all the info you need. This is just the story of how I built mine. The fact is, I didn’t use any plans other than finding […] Read More