Sugar dusting a bee hive for mite control

There’s a lot of opinions and thoughts on sugar dusting and so on Thursday, September 16, 2010, we decided to address the topic. The associated video was our attempt to further explain and demonstrate the matter. Techniques and thoughts vary depending on who you ask or the area you are in. We hope this video […] Read More

Saturday visit to Jim and Cindy’s Apiary

So, Friday evening around 6:30 or so, as I was cooking a fine Indian dish to take over to Rabbit Hash, I get a call from beekeeping friend Jim. He told me him and Cindy were going to go through the hives on Sat. wanted to know if I was interested in helping. Of course. It was […] Read More

Hived two packages of bees in 10 minutes today!

The post office called me at 6am and said my bees were in. After a rainy, gloomy weekend, I didn’t expect to have them in by now. I ran down and picked them up and then hit up the weather channel to see what the day was looking like. “Partly cloudy!” Sweet! The sun was blazing down […] Read More

Spring 2010 Tri-State beekeepers Package Installation

Woke up Saturday morning after sleeping on the floor of the Hashienda in Rabbit Hash, KY. Socialized a bit, then loaded up the canoe and headed back across the Ohio River. Rising Sun, IN is just across the river from Rabbit Hash. Grabbed some breakfast with the guys at Jacks and then headed to the […] Read More

Installed 20 packages today

Spring has sprung and my own bees will arrive at the end of April (a little late). But, I thought I’d get a good primer in by assisting Doug Nelson of Nelsons Apiary the day after Easter manage some of his bees. I met Doug at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY and there he […] Read More

Two new bee hive configurations arrive

I’m not a complete new-bee when it comes to beekeeping. Growing up, my father kept bees for many years. When I was a teenager, I kept a hive for a year or two myself. Then, getting serious about school, girls and “life’s vision” got in the way. The bees either swarmed or died. I’m almost certain […] Read More