Quest for the best Goetta

This is an ongoing post… You can find the recipe below, but the recipe is not where good goetta is at. It’s the process employed to make it. Read on to learn more. It took growing up to realize that growing up in Cincinnati was cool. As a boy, I didn’t know or appreciate its history or wonder. […] Read More

Observing the hive bottom board and sticky boards

There’s a lot of information that can be gained by taking a closer look at something we might usually disregard. Particularly, the boards on the bottom of our bee hive. Listen to me… I have screen bottom boards in the bottoms of my hives… so what am I talking about? Today, I paid another visit to Jim and […] Read More

Our memorial to Edith Balsly

Edith was the matriarch of our family… the glue that held our families together and she will forever be an inspiration to us all. My grandma played a large part of NOT ONLY my childhood, but my entire life. She has always been there… at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays and every other significant event. I […] Read More

Spring 2007 grapevines ordered

I finally located the Vidal Blanc vines that I have been wanting. I found a pretty reputable place in NY, called Double A Vinyards. They grow pretty much every varietal you can think of. It’s important that you get quality, disease-free vines. Handling is important. The grape-growing/wine-making forum I belong to highly endorses this place […] Read More

September 2006

Finally got that new driveway we’ve been wanting since we moved into the house. Bit the bullet and did asphalt. Held out so long for cement, but it would have been a cool 12-13k and I knew I’d never spend that kind of cash on a driveway. I found a few flaws already, but the […] Read More

Wine and Beer… coasting in the cellar

I just got another batch of wine going Sunday night. Chianti. It’s a red wine and more dry that I usually make. I thought it was about that time in my process to try something new and different. That makes a total of six batches of various wines and two batches of beer rippin’ in […] Read More

Researching the following surnames

I am researching the following surnames: Armitage, Atkinson, Balsly, Boeres, Boone, Capal, Ciner, Dornette, Dovey, Fesler / Fessler, Greiser/ Grieser, Hathaway, Heberger, Helfrich, Heninger, Holzhause, Jarman, Kenderdine, Klapkova, Kopstain, Kopstein, Lambert, Lichtfusz / Lichtfuss, Lienweber, Litzenberg, Lucas, Morgan, Nisonger, Ohlhauser, Oberwitte, Schmaltz, Schmidt, Schneider, Siebert / Seibert, Wright If you would like to share any […] Read More

Lunchbreak thoughts of 9/11

I was thinking about life a moment ago and of all the things I love to do in this world. Things like, kiss my wife, chalk up the sidewalk with the kids, make music, sniff a bottle of un-corked vino, plant a garden and watch friends prosper. I was thinking about Sept. 11, 5 years […] Read More

Our 5th wedding anniversary

It was all Susan’s idea. Of the many things she could choose from for our 5th anniversary, she wanted to do a canoe trip with just the two of us… something that has not happened since "before kids." It was a great idea, and it turned out in a manner that is noteworthy. It was […] Read More