John Frederick Dornette and Barbara Anna (nee Scherzer)

John Frederick Dornette was born April 12, 1845 in Hanover, Germany and died February 24, 1923 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He married and Barbara Anna Scherzer. Barbara Anna Scherzer was born February 24, 1850 in Bavaria, Germany and died August 28, 1927 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her parents were Leonard Scherzer and Ursula Frielein. Together they raised […] Read More

Ralph Balsly

Ralph T. Balsly is the son of Ralph Ernst Balsly and Agnes May Webster. He was born June 18, 1910 in Cincinnati, Ohio and died November 27, 1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father was born in Boone, Kentucky. His mother was born in Covington, Kentucky. He married Edith Ohlhauser, and together they raised 2 children: Patricia and June. Their family […] Read More

William Ohlhauser and Matilda (nee Dornette)

William Peter Ohlhauser is the son of William Leonard Ohlhauser and Elizabeth Herweh. He was born on March 5, 1879 in Ohio. He married Matilda Margaret Dornette on October 25, 1900. Matilda Margaret Dornette is the daughter of John Frederick Dornette and Barbara Anna Scherzer. She was born December 25, 1875 and died May 25, […] Read More

William U. Morgan

William Ulysses Morgan is the son of James Wright Morgan and Helen Marr Lambert. He was born on October 11, 1878 and died on Apr 1969.  His sisters are: Eliza Isabelle, Minnie May, Unnamed Girl, Nellie Aldora, and Nora Alice. Eliza Isabelle married Alfred Lippert. Minnie May married Harry C. Dick. Nellie Aldora married Paul Garrison. Nora Alice and his […] Read More

Florence Morgan

Florence is the daughter of Henry H Holzhause and Alma A. Bunselmeier. She was born on February 23, 1909 in Napoleon, Indiana and died on December 31, 1992 in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Florence’s sisters are: Hazel, Leora Marie, Naome Alma, Cora Pauline, Geneva, and Ruth. Hazel married a Mr. Schalk. Leora Marie married Clifford J. Rolfs. Naome married Harold […] Read More

Arthur E. Morgan, the collectivist in the family

We Morgan’s have some pretty interesting people, in our lineage. From Sir Thomas Morgan, knighted in 1658, who was awarded the original Morgan coat of arms, to John Hunt Morgan (Morgan’s Raiders,) Daniel Boone (whose mother was Sarah Morgan,) and other Welsh dignitaries. We had royalty in our lineage, really. Just ask my wife who […] Read More

Get started on your own genealogy research

Researching my family history was at first very casual and something I thought would be fun to try. There were frustrating periods because I didn’t have a lot of information to make connections and verify things. Also, the sites that you would have to pay for to get certain information were annoying. I eventually did pay […] Read More

Conversation between Richard and Florence Morgan

During some of my genealogy adventures, I stumble on to some pretty neat stuff. We found some old tapes from Richard Morgan (Jason’s dad) that were in some of the stuff we brought home from the house. Jason recalls his dad taking the expired cassette tapes that Pat brought home from work, putting them in […] Read More

Does Anyone Know This Man?

A photo belonging to our Morgan family has surfaced.  It is an older black and white photo of a young man.  The name "Gary Morgan" is written on the front of the photo.  I have searched our tree and at this point cannot locate a Gary Morgan that would be born early enough to be […] Read More