Bee Hive Christmas Ornaments

2017 Beehive Christmas Ornaments are ready to ship. The style has changed this year. They have flat lids just like the original Langstroth style bee hive. The price also has increased by $1 this year as I’m “co-making” them with a friend. We calculated the labor and materials to come up with this price adjustment. […] Read More

Setting up an Observation Hive

I’ve been wanting to set up a very portable observation hive for a few years. To date, I have borrowed them from fellow beekeepers to do bee education presentations for various groups. Since I didn’t want to wear out my welcome with the generous people who have loaned them to me, I finally have one ready […] Read More

Build your own tub-style chicken plucker

This post is not really how to build your own plucker at home… there are plans for that out there everywhere. Just google “whiz-bang chicken plucker” and you’ll find all the info you need. This is just the story of how I built mine. The fact is, I didn’t use any plans other than finding […] Read More

Planting forage for bees and pollinators

During the January 2014 Moores Hill SIBA meeting last year, Roy Ballard from Purdue, and Tim Schwipps from the USDA-NRCS came and spoke about planting forage for bees and other pollinators. They made clear that there can be help available at both the state and local levels. I decided to pursue things since I had 1.5 acres that […] Read More

Make brie and camembert cheese moulds

I’ve gotten to the point in cheesemaking where I needed to buy some specialized cheese moulds. Particularly, to make cheeses in the style of brie, camembert and muenster. They have these cool band-link wood moulds in small, medium and large sizes, starting at $70 and going well over $100. I knew right away it would […] Read More

Creating a custom office space 7

Tile flooring in kitchen and bathroom A job I headed up myself… with some help from others of course. I wanted the tile inlaid in the wood floors so everything was flush.

Creating a custom office space 4

Electric and plumbing As much as we wanted, and were capable of doing this work ourselves, none of us were licensed to do it in KY. So, things were delayed while we paid licensed professionals to do the work.