Larry Kemerly talks harvesting bee pollen

Larry Kemmerly from the Indiana State Beekeepers Association (ISBA) speaks to Southeast Indiana Beekeepers about collecting and processing pollen for consumption and sale at farmers markets. Larry collects and sells about 50 lbs of pollen per year. While Larry’s methods are by no means the defacto, we asked him to explain how he does it, […] Read More

Small Hive Beetle (SHB) What to do?

As a beekeeper in my third season, I can proudly say that I haven’t lost a hive yet! I’m not worrying about jinxing myself either because I know I eventually will. We all will. Sometimes, there’s just nothing we can do. But for me, I don’t go down without a fight. Despite regular inspections, things can […] Read More

Remove bees from a hollow log

I’ve done my share of trap-outs. The process takes some patience and can turn in to a season-long ordeal if you let it. However, here’s a case where the tree was taken down, and the portion with the bees in it was closed up and moved to our meeting place to reside until it was […] Read More

Spring done sprung! Are you watching?

Since early March, everyone who knows me has heard me lament over the fact that the winter didn’t have enough “chilling hours,” and that everything is early… and that I’m worried about my grapevines getting frost-bit, and that the bugs are going to be heavy this year. I go on and on. I’ve also spoke in […] Read More

Beekeeping meets modern tech in record-keeping

So what’s your flavor when it comes to your beekeeping logs? That is, how do you manage your beekeeping records? Do you even keep logs? The point of this post is to delve in to a couple methods of record-keeping and prepare you for the topic of our March 15th bee meeting next week. We […] Read More

2011 Spring Honey Harvest

Robbed six, beautiful medium frames of spring honey from one of the hives over the weekend. The timing was right and I just cleaned up the extractor on loan to  me from a friend. To my surprise, I got about 1.5 gallons of honey. The bees were in a great mood. When I opened the hive, […] Read More

How a second-year beekeeper prepares for the spring

As a second-year beekeeper, I wanted to share a little information about what I’ll be doing with my bees as spring approaches. I installed two packages of bees in the spring of 2010 and, despite a rocky start (bees attempting to abscond,) I consider my first year a huge success. Finding the local bee club and being […] Read More

Make a winter candy board to overwinter honey bees

We think a candy board is kind of like a cheap insurance policy. The benefits of a candy board, made correctly adds many benefits to help the bee hive over the winter. The candy board is simply a hardened sugar mixture that lives in a 2-3 inch frame body and has hardware cloth on the […] Read More

Observing the hive bottom board and sticky boards

There’s a lot of information that can be gained by taking a closer look at something we might usually disregard. Particularly, the boards on the bottom of our bee hive. Listen to me… I have screen bottom boards in the bottoms of my hives… so what am I talking about? Today, I paid another visit to Jim and […] Read More