Make a Crystal Radio with your Kid

We had to choose a few electives out of the scout handbook to do with our boys at home. One that stuck out was making a radio. There are a few different ways to build a radio, but the one they say dads used to make with their sons back in the 70’s were the […] Read More

Make Traditional Cheddar Cheese

I “cut the cheese” today. Did you ever wonder where that saying came from? Thing is, I love the smell of cheese when it’s being made, so yeah… I cut it. I found myself drinking the whey too. And why hasn’t anyone eaten curds and whey since Little Miss Muffet? Did she know something we […] Read More

Make low-acidity coffee yourself

I love me some coffee. Trust me, my day job is working at a computer. It’s been just over 15 years or more working at a computer and drinking lots of coffee. I’ve went through the phases most coffee drinkers do… thinking “man this coffee is tearing me up.” Is it the caffeine, or the […] Read More

Your Own Handmade Beeswax Skin Cream

I’m going to give you a brief overview of making your own style of beeswax hand cream at home. It’s easy to follow the recipes on the internet and get something decent, although sometimes it takes two, three or four attempts to understand the key things that make a great consistency. It took us some […] Read More

Making sausage at home

Sausage… they say everyone loves it, until they see how it’s made. When I saw how it was made commercially, I cringed. There’s a lot going on in commercial sausage-making and in the end, it’s jacked with a lot of things we can’t pronounce. Things that are probably worse than the original meat and fat […] Read More

Build a backyard chicken coop

See the full gallery with many more pictures on I thought about chickens for almost three years before finally jumping in. Mainly, I wanted to make sure I properly integrated them in to our lifestyle. Having several friends who assured me they were easy and fun surely helped speed up the process, but still, […] Read More

Dishwasher is not friendly to aluminum

Well, after a vigorous night of sausage making, I tried to take a quick way out by throwing my grinder attachments and trays into the dishwasher. I have always washed them by hand up until now. The other night, I finished up the stuffing and smoking around 2am, and was ready to get some sleep. […] Read More

2014 outlook on fruit crops

The following is an update with concerns from the recent cold snap and how it could affect the 2014 growing season from Peter Hirst and Bruce Bordelon at the Purdue Ag. Extension. I follow Bruce extensively and have spoken to him a number of times in the past. He’s a great person to know if […] Read More

Beeswax Candle Making at Home

Tyson Hermes and Regina Faulkner led the discussion and demonstration at the October 2013 SIBA meeting. Two members having different processes of their own. You decide what works for you.The video was edited for brevity and to also put the topics into better order from start to finish since we jumped around during the meeting. […] Read More

Soapmaking for Beginners with Jan Jackson

Jan Jackson came and presented a lesson in soap making for beginners. Many in our group have been waiting for someone to come and show the basic process since several people had a concern over working with lye. Jan over-delivered by showing us all the basic equipment and the process she uses to make her […] Read More