Ran my first marathon in 3:46:20

A good friend of mine challenged me back in July to run the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Marathon with him. I was never a runner, and I mean… never, a runner. Here’s how it happened. I was commuting 45 minutes to my Newport, KY office Mon. Wed., and Fri’s. Since my job primarily consists […] Read More

Checked out Las Vegas, September 2012

Made a trip to Vegas to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I’m not a gambler. I live 5 miles from a casino and I’ve stepped foot in it maybe 2 times in 12 years. Took me 10 years to visit it since I moved here. But my friend is a good one. He asked me over […] Read More

Trip to Malibu California

Susan and I took a trip to Malibu California to attend my friend Bill’s wedding. We took it as an opportunity to get some sight-seeing in as well. I think it may have been the first time Susan was separated with the kids, ever. It didn’t take her long slip in to things once she […] Read More

Red River Gorge Annual Hike and Camp

On Presidents Day weekend, about 12 of us headed to the Red River Gorge for some ‘cold camping.’ Planned, well in advance, everyone expected to be camping in the snow. But on the weekend of Feb. 19, our cold spell broke and we were given a sunny weekend for some awesome fun and awesome sights. […] Read More

2010 2nd Annual Apple Smash

The head count of the 2nd annual smash grew tremendously and along with many new families, we saw most of the Muddy Portage crew in attendance. It was great to see faces we haven’t seen in a while as well as several new friends we’ve met over the summer. There were enough people who pitched […] Read More

16 miles down Laughry Creek for my birthday

Got a lot of great shots on my birthday day trip starting with the early morning drive over to Darian’s. The morning sunrise lit the sky in a dramatic display that I could best describe as beautiful pollution 🙂 We put into Laughry and did 16 awesome miles of some rapid moving water. I think it […] Read More

1st Annual Apple Smash yields 47 gallons of cider

The word for this weekend is most certainly “extraction” – that is, getting the juice from what mother nature has given us. Gently pressing, or violently smashing, it’s all good. On Saturday, I helped the Specters press their grapes in Dave’s refurbished grape press. On Sunday, we did our “1st Annual Apple Smash” using the […] Read More

Company and Friends Pig and Paddle 2009

There was no shortage of people, happiness and fun on Sat. September 19 at the Brookville Canoe Livery. Brookville played host to our company pig roast, family, friends, and even the Boy Scouts. From homemade BBQ sauce, coleslaw and two styles of pig, to tons of desserts and other food, there was no shortage of appetite. We […] Read More

Jim and Jay’s 2009 Elderberry Wine

This year, I was able to get not one, but two batch’s of Elderberry wine going. There’s a 3-gallon batch and a 5-gallon batch both made in dramatically different styles. I’ve always wanted to make Elderberry wine, mainly because my dad always told me that it was one of his favorite wines. As a typical apprentice […] Read More