Fred and Anna Banks Recption

Our friends Fred and Anna Banks had an awesome reception in St. Leon on a hot and sultry Sat. night. Plenty of food, friends, family and fun were abound while the Mt. Pleasant String Band performed into the evening. There may be a hole in the yard under the tent. I think there may well have […] Read More

Thomas Family Winery, Madision IN.

We grabbed a group of friends and headed to Madison, Indiana to visit the Thomas Family winery and attend the “Hot” Luck dinner. It’s apparently an annual event that is free ‘o charge and all are welcome to bring a dish made in the “spicy tradition.” Everything was “hot.” There was cayenne pepper in the […] Read More

My man, Felix Eboigbe

When you get a voicemail that sounds like this, what else can you do but post it for everyone else’s enjoyment. This is my man Felix, a VERY incredible Nigerian sculptor. About 6 or 7 years ago, I was introduced to Felix by another entrepreneurial client who was always looking for ways to invest his money. He […] Read More

Canoe and hike trip, turned bald eagle sighting

Met up with the guys for a Sunday morning canoe and hike. The typical type. We get together as often as possible just to catch up and air out the brain once a week. They mentioned to me in the past about some local eagles, but you know how you never really think much into […] Read More

Wine Cellar Event Sat. Feb. 21

On Saturday, we ate, drink and were merry with good friends. Over the last 2 years, I have really been digging the red wines. To me, reds *are* more complex animals and hard to figure out both in the tasting and making. But I drink what I like and it spans from sweet to dry. […] Read More

Funny thing happened in Rabbit Hash, KY

Another cold Sunday found us paddling over the rough, Ohio river waters to Rabbit Hash, KY. We meet at the public landing in Rising Sun to paddle across to see the best kept secret in Kentucky, Rabbit Hash. The General Store attracts many awesome musicians. I mean, awesome. It’s almost like a rites of passage […] Read More

Rabbit Hash Barn trip to see Gregory Morris Group

We did a trip over to Rabbit Hash to see the last show in the barn for the year before they move things back into the General Store. We love Rabbit Hash. We meet on the banks of the river in Rising Sun, Indiana and canoe across the river… which is really a step back […] Read More

Flat Rock Canoe Trip

On a brisk, late December morning, the crack of dawn found the fellas and I heading to St. Paul to find some more Indiana water… and some scenery. A couple of canoes, cameras and some MRE’s provided a the fun for the day. The sights included a screeching eagle, a flock of wild geese dragging […] Read More

Camping with Steve, Dick and Bill

No, not Tom, Dick and Harry… Steve, Dick and Bill… I was invited to share an evening with “the Dickel” on their annual camping trip with the guys. You haven’t partied until you’ve had an evening around a fire with guitars, shischk-a-bobz, gin… and “the Dickel”. Fun times. Of course Bill was there to shed […] Read More

Coyote Creek Farms October 2006

Friends Freddy and Anna invited us to join them at Coyote Creek Farm (a local trip!) for a family day of pumpkin fun. Highlights of the day were the pumpkin sling-shot, the corn-cob shooter, buffalo burgers, a hayride to the pumpkin patch, and of course all the animals on the farm! The kids were in […] Read More