OA and Glycerin Shop Towels for Varroa

I got together with a beekeeping mentor to make up some OA shop towels for combating varroa this season. The following is based off the research Randy Oliver is doing using OA, glycerin and water mixed up to a certain volume and absorbed into rolls of Scott Shop Towels. While this method of OA application is […] Read More

Bee Hive Christmas Ornaments

2017 Beehive Christmas Ornaments are ready to ship. The style has changed this year. They have flat lids just like the original Langstroth style bee hive. The price also has increased by $1 this year as I’m “co-making” them with a friend. We calculated the labor and materials to come up with this price adjustment. […] Read More

Setting up an Observation Hive

I’ve been wanting to set up a very portable observation hive for a few years. To date, I have borrowed them from fellow beekeepers to do bee education presentations for various groups. Since I didn’t want to wear out my welcome with the generous people who have loaned them to me, I finally have one ready […] Read More

Planting forage for bees and pollinators

During the January 2014 Moores Hill SIBA meeting last year, Roy Ballard from Purdue, and Tim Schwipps from the USDA-NRCS came and spoke about planting forage for bees and other pollinators. They made clear that there can be help available at both the state and local levels. I decided to pursue things since I had 1.5 acres that […] Read More

Bee colony cutout from a historical home

On Sunday, myself and two others executed a honey bee colony cut-out that has been in the planning for a couple of weeks. The colony was in a historical home on Cincinnati’s west side. The home owners said the bees have been in there for as long as they can remember and the mailman told […] Read More

IBA Bee School XII 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana

I attended the Indiana Bee School XII in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, February 22, 2014 with many of my fellow beekeepers. As usual, it was a great time… a full day of bee discussions and soaking up thousands of viewpoints. The attendance was a record. About 900 beekeepers were in attendance along with all our familiar […] Read More

Alcohol wash testing for varroa in beehive

I took advantage of the warm day on Saturday after a week of freezing temperatures to check on the beehives. It was a bitter-sweet day, because I have some hives that are really strong and looking good, but I lost two. It’s a sad sight for a beekeeper when one hive is bustling and the […] Read More

Your Own Handmade Beeswax Skin Cream

I’m going to give you a brief overview of making your own style of beeswax hand cream at home. It’s easy to follow the recipes on the internet and get something decent, although sometimes it takes two, three or four attempts to understand the key things that make a great consistency. It took us some […] Read More

January honey bee apiary check

Temp’s in the 50’s today. Checked all three yards and liking what I see. Strong clusters and nice scenery too. But, the hard times still lie ahead for the bees. Here’s some basic tips for this time of the season in the midwest. We do not want to disturb the bees any more than necessary. […] Read More

Michael Bush speaks at Clifty Falls, Indiana

It was another rough season for many of us at SIBA with regards to keeping varroa mite populations knocked down to a safe number. Some in the club who have never treated before resorted to trying ApiVar for the first time. Others, such as myself are rolling the dice again seeing if our season’s management […] Read More