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This is our family’s journey toward homesteading… on our own terms. Some people have suggested that we are preppers preparing for when SHTF. However, this is not the case, at least yet. If we were preppers, we’d be sorely lacking. However, we do look towards the future but try to enjoy the “here and now” along the way. Over the years, it’s been our goal to become more and more independent, to eat well, and be healthy. This is harder than ever to do today, and with processed foods and the desire for instant gratification in all things, it’s not hard to believe sh*t will hit the fan one day. Food is tainted, or tampered with causing unforeseen health issues in many cases. Quality of every day products is poorer with mass production, and outsourcing manufacturing to other countries. This is just the tip of things. In an ever-changing world, we seek to produce our own food, make or find quality necessities for everyday use, and ultimately, trade and barter with those doing the same. It’s our hope you are motivated or inspired as you browse the site.

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